Miguel S. Garcia

Electrical Engineer, MSc. MIET

Professional profile

I am an Electrical Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automation, combining quality hands-on experience with an excellent academic background. After having worked on renewable resources, smart grids and HVDC systems, I recently joined the Oil and Gas industry and gained extensive experience of topside and subsea control systems. I am consistently expanding my competence in design, integration and testing of complex engineering solutions. This involves detailed analysis into hardware, software, interfaces and operability, in compliance with the relevant engineering standards and Health and Safety policies. I continue to develop my management and leadership skills of technical project teams, providing knowledgeable advice and guidance to clients while taking full technical accountability of supplied solutions.

Specialties: • Power Distribution • HVDC • Subsea and Topside Control Systems (Oil & Gas) • Wind Power Integration • Project Engineering • Renewable Resources • Testing

Key Strengths

    • Building small work teams to engage with goal achievements in a highly demanding environment.
    • Educating clients on product implementation, giving advice and providing technical support.
    • Overall project co-ordination supporting other departments for tenders elaboration and maintaining frequent communication with project managers, CAD office, Testing engineers, Procurement, HSE and QA/QC inspectors.
    • Utilizing my knowledge and experience to identify deviations from the desired scope of supply ensuring projects are executed to their specification.
    • Promoting innovation as a key element to improve company competitiveness and deliver state-of-the-art solutions.

Working Experience

  • Applications EngineerApr 2014 - Present
    Proserv, Norwich, United Kingdom
      • Topside and subsea systems commissioning, including MCS, HPU, SCM and SEM
      • Developing and implementing Factory Acceptance and Site Integration tests: ensuring system runs to client specification, both from software and hardware perspectives.
      • Liaising with clients to clarify technical queries and assuring project deadlines are met.
      • PLC troubleshooting, HMI/SCADA configuration and document development.
    • Weatherford Brazil – Drilling Production Riser (DPR)
    • CNR Toni Field expansion
    • BS7671 Lighting & Surge Protection Certificate, CIBSE, United Kingdom, 2015.
    • RSLogix5000 Project Development, Rockwell Automation, United Kingdom, 2014.

  • Research EngineerJul 2009 - Dec 2013
    Charles III University of Madrid , Madrid, Spain
      • Planning and conducting researches on electrical power stability and control with particular focus on wind power integration and smart grids.
      • Development of novel methods to diagnose HVDC cable insulation systems and to forecast cable operating lifespan using space charge behavior as ageing indicator.
      • Electrical Machines and Drives Laboratory manager: training, designing test methods and equipment and assisting undergraduate students.

    • HVDC insulation diagnosis to forecast cable operating lifespan using space charge behavior as ageing indicator.
    • Wind Power injection: Transient stability analysis for the integration of Wind Farms into the power system.
    • European Academy of Wind Energy Summer School (EAWE), Spain, 2010.
    • ADDRESS International Smart Grid Workshop, Paris (France), 2010.

  • Electrical EngineerMay 2008 - Jun 2009
    Movilnet, Venezuela, Caracas
      • Equipment startup and configuration including power generators, solar panels, UPS, automatic transfer switches, electrical panel boards and switchgears components.
      • Monitor and control mobile network platforms and services in an effective and efficient way at Network Operation Center (NOC).
      • Base Station control and data transmission media support
    • HUAWEI CDMA BSS6600 Engineer Training, 2009

  • Assistant EngineerJan 2006 - Apr 2008
  • INDENE, Venezuela, Caracas

      • Economic and Technical feasibility assessments to integrate large wind farm developments into the Venezuelan power system.
      • Liaising with government and academic entities both in Spain and Venezuela to promote bilateral projects on renewable resources exploitation.
      • Technical design and modeling of Venezuela’s first wind farm incorporating transient stability simulations to analyze local grid response to fault conditions.
    • Venezuela’s pilot plan for develop and operation of renewable resources
    • Installation of photovoltaic cells to lighting up rural areas
    • Planning Electrical Systems with high Renewable Power Penetration, 2009
    • Industrial Workshop on Wind Power, 2008


  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Electrical, Electronic & Automation Engineering2012
    Charles III University of Madrid , Spain, Madrid
  • Electrical Engineering, BEng(Hons.)2008
    Simón Bolívar University, Venezuela, Caracas

Skills & Attributes

  • Team Leader
    Training, support & supervisión
  • Multiculturalism
    Experience working with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams
  • Latin American Markets
    Negotiation skills in Latin American projects, i.e. Venezuela & Brazil
  • Power System Stability
    Large Scale Integration of Wind Energy in Power Systems
  • HVDC
    HVDC Cable Insulation Diagnosis
  • Programming
  • Automation
    PLC troubleshooting and HMI/SCADA configuration
  • Commissioning
    Ensuring systems are installed and operated as per specifications
  • Testing
    Developing and implementing of test procedures


Honors, Training & Publications

    • Nominated to Master Thesis Honor Award2012
      Charles III University of Madrid, Spain, Madrid
    • Guest Speaker2009
      5th Eco- Efficiency Conference, Venezuela, Caracas
    • Master Scholarship (EUR €15,000)2009
      Charles III University of Madrid, Spain, Madrid
    • BEng. Distinguished Dissertation Award2008
      Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela, Caracas
    • Bursary towards BEng. Dissertation (US$ 16,000)2008
      Venezuelan Government, Venezuela, Caracas
    • BS7671 Lighting & Surge Protection Certificate2015
      CIBSE, United Kingdom, 2015
    • RSLogix5000 Project Development, Rockwell Automation2014
      United Kingdom, 2014
    • European Academy of Wind Energy Summer School2010
      EAWE-CENER-UPNA, Spain, Pamplona
    • ADDRESS International Smart Grid Workshop2010
      ADDRESS, France, Paris
    • HUAWEI CDMA BSS6600 Engineer Training2009
      HUAWEI, Venezuela, Caracas
    • Planning Electrical System with High Renewable Power Penetration2009
      Oporto University
    • 1st Industrial Workshop on Wind Energy2008
      INDENE, Venezuela, Caracas
    • In-situ Maintenance of Electric Power Transmission Lines2007
      IEEE, Venezuela, Caracas
    • Dynamic behavior analysis of Electric Power systems with large amount of Wind Power2009
    • CIGRE

      The power system operation and stability can be affected when a large amount of Wind Power is injected into the electrical grid. This research project analysed the impact of large wind farms integration on the local electrical grid by monitoring its voltage and frequency response. Detailed steady-state and dynamic wind turbine models were used to explore the dynamic contingency study. The Low Voltage Ride-Through LVRT (one of the most important requirements that wind farms must comply with when subjected to voltage disturbances) was considered in detail by comparing several European standards and grid codes.

    • Electrical Ageing Markers for Polyethylene Insulation based on Space Charge Accumulation and Apparent Mobility2013
    • IEEE

      Space charge accumulation within polymeric materials contributes to their accelerated ageing. The measurement of this phenomenon can be used to correlate space charge profiles and their evolution to ageing. In this paper, accumulated charge depletion after long electrical ageing processes has been analyzed following a research trend pointed out in previous works. In order to extend this analysis to several materials, the electrically barely known UHMWPE (Ultra-high molecular-weight polyethylene), mostly used in medical applications, has been compared to wellknown XLPE and LDPE. It has been proposed some extremely simple indicators that can be used to know the ageing of a polymeric insulation without incurring in simplifying assumptions and using only the charge profiles obtained directly from the space charge measurements taken by PEA.

    • Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE): dielectric strength and space charge characteristics2013
    • IEEE

      In order to replace old insulation systems based on oil-paper, other materials, such as low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE) and specially, crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE), have been used. Characterization of new polymeric materials potentially useful for HVDC power cables is an interesting research topic to work on. In this paper, one material whose previous applications have been far away from power engineering, has been studied: Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). Firstly, UHMWPE has been characterized in terms of statistical dielectric strength. Moreover, space charge generation and transport has been analysed in an accelerated electrical ageing experiment in order to compare UHMWPE to other polymeric materials such as XLPE or LDPE. In order to measure space charge profiles, the pulsed electroacoustic (PEA) technique has been applied to polymer sheets withstanding more than 80kV/mm DC for more than 10 days.

    • Uniformly Dispersed Submicrometric BaTiO3 Particles in HDPE Based Composites2013
    • IEEE

      The use of nanofillers to induce certain changes in electrical properties of polymeric materials, show great interest for electronic and electrical engineering applications. In this paper, composites of HDPE filled with submicrometric particles of tetragonal BaTiO3 have been prepared. An extraordinary uniform dispersion of the particles was achieved from a first process of mixing by high energy ball milling and subsequent hot pressing. Some electric measurements such as dielectric strength and resistivity were carried out to evaluate the final electrical properties as a function of the processing and the amount of BaTiO3 particles. It was observed how the resistivity decreases when the amount of BaTiO3 increases. Besides, the dielectric strength decreases as the amount of BaTiO3 particles increases. Finally it was observed that as the BaTiO3 content increases the cylindrical-like “conducting channel”, in which the dielectric failure happens, disappears, occurring a dielectric breakdown with a less regular shape

    • Composites based on HDPE filled with BaTiO3 Submicrometric Particles. Morphology, Structure and Dielectric Properties2013

      In this paper, composites of HDPE filled with submicrometric particles of tetragonal BaTiO3 have been prepared. A remarkable uniform dispersion of the particles is achieved from a first process of mixing by high energy ball milling and subsequent hot pressing. Studies of the structural, morphological and mechanical features of the composites have been carried out by means of SEM, FTIR, TGA-DTA and stress-strain tests. Frequency response analysis, dielectric strength and resistivity were also carried out to evaluate the final electrical properties as a function of the processing and the amount of BaTiO3 particles. From the analysis of the microscopic structure of the composites it can be deduced that any change in the properties of the materials must be ascribed to the sole presence of the BT submicrometric particles.


    • Spanish: Native
    • English: Full professional proficiency
    • Brazilian Portuguese: Full professional proficiency


    • Spain (European Union)
    • Venezuela (MERCOSUR-Southern Common Market)

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